Zephyr – Rapid single sample detection

Zephyr Pathogen Identifier

The Zephyr Pathogen Identifier uses our CANARY® detection technology to screen for pathogens in liquid and powder samples. The Zephyr platform is ideal for users who need rapid, accurate results, and who test lower volumes of samples (<40 tests/day).

Breakthrough Capabilities

With the Zephyr Pathogen Identifier, users get access to PathSensors’ entire library of biosensors, with test applications in biodefense, agriculture, food safety, and more. Go from raw material to final test result in 2-15 minutes without sacrificing sensitivity. The Zephyr is versatile and can be configured for use on a lab bench or in the field.

Our Zephyr kit includes a touch screen laptop complete with PathSensors detection technology, bench mount box, luminometer, centrifuge, and barcode scanner. Because of its sensitivity, speed, and ease-of-use, our Zephyr system is perfect for those looking to screen for pathogens in the food safety and agriculture industries. 

Zephyr Pathogen Identifier

Results in minutes


Benchtop and mobile lab configurations


Low operational and maintenance costs


PCR levels of sensitivity and specificity


Compact and lightweight design


Easy to use and decontaminate


Low false-alarm rates

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Check out our Applications to learn more about the wide range of markets and applications for the Zephyr Pathogen Identifier.

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