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BioFlash MailGuard System

PathSensors introduces the BioFlash MailGuard System for mail screening. This biological testing unit can test both packages and standard mail, using forced airflow within the downdraft booth.

Breakthrough Capabilities

Through CANARY® Detection technology, our BioFlash Biological Identifier provides rapid, sensitive and specific identification of up to 21 biological threat agents and pathogens, including toxins. Our most common discs test for the 6 major threat agents: Anthrax, Black Plague, Botulism, Ricin, Smallpox, and Tularemia. 

A hose feeds the air to the BioFlash device for testing. Through our partnerships with DualDraw we offer a complete solution for mail screening that allows you to simply place mail into the downdraft booth and get immediate results on the status of your mail, thanks to our CANARY technology. 

We have developed this complete solution through our work with both government and commercial entities that have found mail screening to be cumbersome both in time and cost. With our  BioFlash MailGuard System, mail screening comes in one complete package. And if you’re looking to simply upgrade your existing system, we can quickly upgrade your current mail-screening to guarantee the safety of you and your entire team.

Bioflash Pathogen Detection Platform

Integrated aerosol sampling for high-efficiency sample collection


Captures particles up to 10 microns in size


Low operational and maintenance costs


Used by top government and commercial mailrooms


Easy to use and decontaminate


PCR levels of sensitivity and specificity


Extremely low false-alarm rates

Take a look at our video below to see how the MailGuard works:

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