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BioFlash® Biological Identifier

The BioFlash® pathogen detection platform uses our CANARY® detection technology combined with proprietary aerosol collection techniques to provide a low-risk, cost-effective solution to biological sampling and identification.

Breakthrough Capabilities

Through CANARY® Detection technology, our BioFlash® Biological Identifier provides rapid, sensitive and specific identification of up to 21 biological threat agents and pathogens, including toxins. Our most common discs test for the 6 major threat agents: Anthrax (bacilus anthracis), Black Plague, Botulism, Ricin, Smallpox, and Tuleremia

The portable design, durability and high-volume, high-performance aerosol sampler of the BioFlash®  enable it to be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. You can test the air quality quickly and easily wherever you are.

The BioFlash® can also be configured as a stand-alone device, used in tiered detection architectures to include a trigger and confirmatory sampler, or as an integrated component subsystem. The portable, compact and easy to use BioFlash® Biological Identifier offers breakthrough capabilities in sampling performance.

Bioflash Pathogen Detection Platform

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Integrated aerosol sampling for high-efficiency sample collection


Captures particles up to 10 microns in size


Low operational and maintenance costs


Compact and lightweight design


Easy to use and decontaminate


PCR levels of sensitivity and specificity


Extremely low false-alarm rates

Or check out our informational demo video to see a step-by-step walkthrough of the machine:

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