Seasonal Safety: The Holiday Rise in Mailing

Dec 15, 2017

Have you received a Christmas card or two in the past few weeks? Tis the season!

While mailing had been at an all-time low this past year over the previous 20 years, this year the USPS experienced a 10% increase in mailing during the holiday season (compared to the same time last year)!

So, what does that mean? 15 billion pieces of mail, including 850 million packages are being shipped around the country and going through the USPS.

While these numbers are looking up, the threats and dangers of mail can also rise.

Here are some things you can do to keep you, your packages and your USPS mail team safe this season!

  • Ensure you have clear writing and a return address on your cards and packages. We know surprises are nice but not for the USPS-they are sorting through millions of pieces of mail and keeping them safe from suspicious packages will keep you safe as well!
  • Address all outbound mail properly, with a full return address that includes name, department, and mail code.
  • Ensure the wrapping for your package is neat and orderly. Packages with excessive taping, messy or wrinkled packaging are flagged as a potential threat and can slow the processing of your mail
  • Ensure nothing is able to escape your envelope or package. Even it’s sparkles or confetti, keep everyone safe by ensuring the package is completely sealed, and of course nothing suspicious is sticking out ( certainly no wires!)



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