Validation Studies

Validation Studies

Our technology has been independently validated by a number of third-party studies. Check out the links below to learn more about the sensitivity, accuracy, and overall capabilities of CANARY technology.



1. Journal of Science, 2003

The original publication detailing the creation of CANARY technology. After the 9/11 Anthrax attacks, MIT Lincoln Labs developed a new technology for pathogen detection that would be faster, more sensitive, and easier to use than traditional methods.

2. Pacific Northwest National Labs Report – Immunoassay Comparison, 2017

    Pacific Northwest National Labs Report – PCR Comparison, 2017

The independent studies conducted by PNNL yielded exciting results showing that CANARY technology is 10,000 times more sensitive than other leading immunoassays and that it is as sensitive as any PCR method. This means CANARY can test for pathogens faster than PCR without compromising sensitivity and can detect far lower levels of pathogens than other immunoassays.

3. Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, 2008

At their rigorous testing facility, ECBC tested the limit of detection of the BioFlash with respect to several aerosol targets including plague, tularemia, and vaccinia virus. They found that the most uncompromising of the current Department of Homeland Security programs had a limit of detection goal of 100cfu/L, which was easily reached by the BioFlash

4. USDA APHIS – 2009

As part of their annual report, the USDA devoted a section to the evaluation of CANARY technology. Their independent testing showed that CANARY demonstrates “extreme sensitivity and rapid speed.”

5. PathSensors MailGuard Test Video

Before shipping one of our MailGuard systems to a customer, we perform an internal quality control check to verify that the machine is working properly. View our short video below to see us nebulize innocuous citrus leprosis in the MailGuard and examine the reading. This determines if the system can accurately detect the more dangerous pathogens that may be present in mail. 

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