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Most Common Foodborne Pathogens

By Taylor Wolfram. This article was originally published on EatRight.org and has been reposted to the PathSensors blog. All credit goes to Taylor Wolfram, MS, RDN, LDN, and the EatRight website.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,...

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Dangerous Prison Mail – What this Means for Your Business

Dangerous Prison Mail – What This Means for Your Business This post was originally published by Soma Martin at SoBran Inc, a PathSensors partner. All credit goes to Soma Martin and SoBran Inc. "The Postal Service, which touts itself as the most trusted government...

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Zone 1 Listeria Testing – Yes or No?

By Cooper Temple We’ve all been exposed to the threat of foodborne illness, whether from the scares at Chipotle, the recent E. Coli outbreaks in Californian romaine lettuce, or the millions of pounds of produce recalled every year across industries. Of the...

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Recalls show foodborne threats continue

By Coral Beach on December 26, 2018 This is a piece originally published in Food Safety News on 12/26/2018 and re-posted on the PathSensors blog. All credit goes to Coral Beach and Food Safety News. Some of the biggest food recall news of 2018 didn’t come from a food...

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A Post-Halloween Trick: the Moldy Pumpkin

Each October, sights of carved pumpkins greet passersby on doorsteps and porches across the country. Ghoulish faces and spooky sayings illuminated by candles on bright orange gourd-like fruit are a sure sign that Halloween is just around the corner. In early November,...

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