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Seasonal Safety: The Holiday Rise in Mailing

Have you received a Christmas card or two in the past few weeks? Tis the season! While mailing had been at an all-time low this past year over the previous 20 years, this year the USPS experienced a 10% increase in mailing during the holiday season (compared to the...

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Apple-Bobbing for Bacteria

Apple bobbing is a fall favorite but can also come with an array of bacteria that is shared between the line-up of people bobbing for apples

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Putting an End to Complacency in Mail Security

What does DHS Acting Secretary, Elaine Duke, have to say about complacency in security? On September 27th of 2017 the Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Elaine Duke, testified on “threats facing our great nation and what we are doing to confront...

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Is Chicken Sushi a Bad Idea?

What is Chicken Sushi? Will the chicken sushi trend, started in Japan, that is growing in the US and throughout the world prove to be a safe way to consume raw chicken? Or do we simply have another food fad that ignores many of the food safety recommendations? Known...

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Your Glass of Orange Juice is at Risk

Consumed in over 65% of households across America and in nearly 2/3 of limited-service restaurants, orange juice is a breakfast staple and has been for nearly half a century. Despite the historical and breakfast table significance of this beverage, orange juice sales...

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