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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ:

What pathogens can you detect?

We have 18 different BioSensors in our Library and are always working on more. See our BioSensor Library for a full list of biosensors.

Do you have genus and species level testing?

Depending on the BioSensors we do have genus and species level testing and we are always working on further development of our BioSensors for a wider range of applications.

How easy is your technology to use?

Very simple! We make our technology easy to use and the results easy to read in order to allow for a wide range of applications and for a variety of users. Operators do not need a technical or scientific background in order to use PathSensors’ equipment.

What if we need help with your technology?

We provide comprehensive training for all of our products and the users, and we are always available for answering questions and addressing the needs of our customers.

How does your business model work?

Depending on your industry and applications the answer may vary. In general, however, our customers purchase one of our instruments at a one-time cost, then receive testing kits weekly as a subscription service. We also offer food safety consulting in addition to our subscription-based model.

What are the prices for your services?

There is a wide range of prices associated with our instruments and services depending on your needs and applications. Please contact us to request a price quote.

What is your product shelf life?

Shelf life varies depending on product, but ranges from 10-30 days for most products.

What are your product’s cold chain requirements?

We recommend that you store our products at 2-8C (refrigerator temperature) until you’re ready to test.

How long does it take to run an assay?

It takes between 2-5 minutes to run an assay on one of our testing platforms.

How sensitive are your machines?

Our products have been tested by a number of third-party labs and have been shown to be some of the most sensitive on the market. One lab, PNNL, showed that our assays are 10,000x as sensitive as competing immunoassays and as sensitive as PCR technology. Visit our validations page to learn more. 

PNNL pathsensors immunoassays sensitive

PathSensors immunoassays are 10,000 times as sensitive as the leading competition

Mail Screening & Biodefense FAQ:

What pathogens can I detect using your assays?

Based on customer feedback and the high-priority threats identified by the CDC, PathSensors standard biodefense test looks for anthrax, ricin, botulism, tularemia, smallpox, and the plague. Biosensors for other targets can be developed upon request.

How long does it take to screen a bin of mail?

Roughly one minute to set up and pull an air sample from your bin, then 2 minutes to run a test using the BioFlash.

Do you offer other products in the CBRNE suite?

PathSensors is focused on biodetection, but we partner with other companies in the industry to provide our clients with full CBRNE suite detection. Call us and we’ll work with you to address your security needs.

Food Safety FAQ:

Is your Listeria Assay specific for L. monocytogenes?

The PathSensors Listeria assay tests for Listeria species and is not specific to L. monocytogenes.

Can I use your assys for final product testing?

You can, but most of our customers use our tests for process control and rapid screening.

Do your assays require confirmation?

While our tests are highly accurate and specific, we still advise clients to treat a positive result as a presumptive positive, and verify with another method before initiating a ConOps procedure.

Are your assays AOAC certified?

We are currently in the process of acquiring AOAC certification for our assays.

Agriculture FAQ:

Does your Phytophthora Assay cross-react with Pythium?

No. However, we can tune the assay to pick up Pythium if desired by the client.

Are your assays validated by the USDA?

Yes. Our Phytophthora and Ralstonia assays have been validated by the USDA.

What if you do not have an assay for an organism for which I am concerned?

We would be happy to speak with you about making a new biosensor for your testing needs.

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