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Frequently Asked Questions

What pathogens can you detect?

We have over 30 different BioSensors in our Library and are always working on more. See our BioSensor Library for a full list of biosensors.

Do you have genus and species level testing?

Depending on the BioSensors we do have genus and species level testing and we are always working on further development of our BioSensors for a wider range of applications.

How easy is your technology to use?

Very simple! We make our technology easy to use and the results easy to read in order to allow for a wide range of applications and for a variety of users. Operators do not need a technical or scientific background in order to use PathSensors’ equipment.

What if we need help with your technology?

We provide comprehensive training for all of our products and the users, and we are always available for answering questions and addressing the needs of our customers.

Have More Questions?

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