Pride, People and Purpose

Jan 31, 2020

By Simone Stanley


If you’ve seen any of our sales and marketing efforts, you have probably heard about the benefits and qualifications of our proprietary technology. PathSensors’ platform technology, called Cellular Analysis and Notification of Antigen Risks and Yields (CANARY). CANARY was developed by MIT – Lincoln Laboratory and licensed solely to PathSensors for early adoption by the United States Department of Defense. CANARY is something that brings pride to our team of scientists and engineers. But when asked what made them proud to work at PathSensors, members of the senior management team highlighted an additional aspect of our company.


Dr. Andrew Flannery, VP of Product Development said, “I think it’s our people. We do a really good job of working with our customers, listening to their needs, making sure their needs are met.” Dr. Flannery and the development team do this every day by developing and validating assays to detect the presence of emerging threats to public health and food safety with direct input from customers and decision-makers. CANARY can be customized and deployed to address different problems. It is our people and our dedication to our customers that instills a sense of pride in our team and a sense of purpose in our work.


JJ Lehett, VP of Engineering said, “I’ve been around the technology and PathSensors long enough to see…one of our core tenets as a company is customer service. [It’s] one of the key things we as a company strive for.” For almost a decade, Mr. Lehett has witnessed our dedication to customer service firsthand. This dedication extends the customer’s experience past the initial purchase. We encourage loyalty with a continued sense of service, from our preventative maintenance coverage to our weekly and timely reagent shipments. Every single interaction with our customers and partners is an opportunity to put service first.

Our vision is to be recognized as an innovative biotechnology company leading the world of pathogen detection while providing great products, superior customer service, and fair prices. We strive to live this vision every day and it reflects in our customers’ experience when purchasing and using CANARY technology.

If this is your first interaction with PathSensors, we implore you to check us out and not just the product specifications and quality control documents. Check out our team, our leaders. Hear from our partners and customers. Hear from our senior management and consultants. You heard from Andrew and JJ above, but if you are interested in hearing more, please follow us on Soundcloud for new episodes of CANARY Corner, our corporate podcast.

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