PathSensors, Inc Announced a New Air Sampling Invention

Apr 28, 2020

BALTIMORE, MD April 28, 2020 – PathSensors Inc, a Baltimore biotechnology company, announced a novel invention as an accessory to the BioFlash® Biological Identifier system. The invention, a probe for enclosed air sampling, was developed by the Engineering Team. This added intellectual property strengthens PathSensors’ capabilities in the mail screening and biodefense markets. Incorporating the CANARY™ technology, the BioFlash® provides rapid, sensitive, and specific identification of biological threat agents such as Anthrax and Ricin. The portable and compact BioFlash® offers breakthrough capabilities, now including easier-to-use enclosed air sampling.

In operation, aerosol threat detection devices, like the BioFlash®, need to sample from the surface and enclosed spaces to determine if there are threat agents present. In these situations, it is desirable to pull an air sample from these spaces with minimally invasive procedures to minimize exposure to any threats present. The user may hold the probe via the integrated grip, and puncture or insert the probe tip into the object requiring air sampling. The probe is then connected via a hose to the detection device.

“We didn’t see anything like this solution on the market, so we developed a probe of our own,” said one of the inventors, JJ Lehett. “It will help our customers detect threats safely and easily in an ever-wider variety of situations.”

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About CANARY™ Technology
CANARY ™ is a biosensor technology that delivers extremely rapid detection of pathogens with high sensitivity and specificity. Originally developed by scientists at MIT–Lincoln Laboratory to combat bioterrorism threats, CANARY ™ technology has been licensed and commercialized by PathSensors, Inc.

About PathSensors, Inc.
PathSensors is a leading environmental testing company, built on CANARY ™ technology which is exclusively licensed from MIT-Lincoln Laboratory. CANARY ™ offers cutting-edge pathogen detection capabilities to a variety of industries including food safety, agriculture, and bioterrorism. The company’s mission is to make the world a safer place by detecting pathogens that can cause sickness or worse while creating high technology jobs in the state of Maryland.

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