Mission Driven, Opportunities Given

Feb 28, 2020

By Simone Stanley

In 2019, the PathSensors’ mission statement was revised to align with the goals of the organization and its President, Ted Olsen. Our pathogen detection technology, CANARY, allows us to innovate in order to address emerging threats and “make the world a safer place.” Our mission no longer stops there. We are also dedicated to “creating high tech manufacturing jobs in Maryland”. But, what does that look like for an agile biotechnology company on the Baltimore harbor?

At any given moment, if you peek in our manufacturing lab, you will see interns and trainees engaging in meaningful work that further develop their skills. PathSensors hosts interns year-round from local schools and training programs. We pride ourselves in supporting career development and have taken the additional step of including it in our mission statement and therefore in the culture of the company.

Sharnajah Byers has recently joined the biotechnology industry by enrolling in the BioTechnical Institute of Maryland’s Laboratory Associates Program in July 2019, under the direction of Ms. Leslie Prewitt and Dr. Timothy Fawcett. As a part of the program, Sharnajah completed a 100-hour internship with PathSensors. She stated, “Toward the end of the course, I learned about cell culture and working in a BSC (biosafety cabinet) … As soon as I got here, that was one of the first things I did.” Almost immediately, she was able to apply her classroom knowledge to the biomanufacturing lab.

Louison Kougang started at PathSensors as an intern in 2013 as a part of his training with Baltimore City Community College, under the direction of Dr. Kathleen A. Kennedy and Dr. Amrita Madabushi. He completed both the Associate of Applied Science in Biotechnology and Lab Animal Science Certificate, giving him a breadth of technical and analytical knowledge. Since starting at PathSensors, Louison has been promoted from intern to a leader in the development lab. “I’m always given the opportunity to work on a new project,” he stated. “Here, it’s a little bit of everything. It’s diverse intellectually.”

By partnering with universities, colleges and training programs, PathSensors is supporting the growth of the biotechnology industry in Maryland. Learn more about these partnerships and hear from Ms. Prewitt and Dr. Fawcett of BTI on Episode 003 of CANARY Corner, our company podcast.





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