Putting an End to Complacency in Mail Security

Oct 24, 2017

What does DHS Acting Secretary, Elaine Duke, have to say about complacency in security?

On September 27th of 2017 the Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Elaine Duke, testified on “threats facing our great nation and what we are doing to confront them.”

She made very powerful statements regarding today’s threats to national security and drew our attention to areas that are often neglected despite the constant threat. “These threats are ever-changing,” she shared, “especially as we face cyber-attacks, changing technologies, and new developments in warfare tactics”. Just as the threats are changing, Elaine reminded us that the tactics to combat these threats must be updated, as well.

“We are building an action-oriented, results-centric culture,” Elaine remarked, and she promised change towards decisive action stating that “since 9/11, we have spoken too often of the weaknesses in our systems without taking enough decisive action to fix them for the long haul”.

This decisive action across the board calls for a response particularly from an area where we see rampant complacency that could leave us exposed to serious threats: mail-screening.

How does this affect you and your organization?

According to SoBrans SafeMail® Mail Security Survey, nearly 30% of organizations surveyed received a mail-threat that includes hazardous mail and hoaxes. Of this 30%, 13% received three or more threats per year, costing them thousands of dollars in HAZMAT resources, lost labor, and crisis management. Even with 1/3 of companies being affected by mail-threats, there are still nearly 22% of organizations that don’t have any form of mail security, leaving themselves and their employees open to damaging effects of a chemical or biological attack.

This is often due to lack of appropriate resources, training, manager buy-in or even awareness within the organization, but this complacency due to these challenges is exactly the complacency Elaine Duke is encouraging organizations, government, and individuals to overcome. In the same way that the leadership of DHS is breaking down barriers to make more efficient and effective operations to counter terrorism in the United States, there is more access than ever before to information and resources to make mail-screening the priority it needs to be.

Don’t let complacency make your organization the victim of chemical or biological, take action today.


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