Celebrating our Baltimore City Community College Interns: Line Mpaga

Feb 12, 2018

Pathsensors Interns and Team members hard at work in the Manufacturing Lab

Employees and interns are the foundation of the Pathsensors community and our partners and collaborators at Baltimore City Community College (BCCC)  have played critical roles in both manufacturing and development labs and contribute to our team as a whole while learning critical skills to take with them into the workforce. Since Pathsensors start in 2011, we have been a part of the Baltimore Entrepreneurial and Biotech Ecosystem and a partnership with BCCC organically offered both Pathsensors and BCCC students opportunities to connect and grow together!
We spoke to one intern, Line Mpaga, who had her last internship day with us today about her experience both with BCCC and how it connected and prepared her for her internship here at Pathsensors.

She shared with us that she had an incredible team of professors and even fellow students at BCCC who were very helpful in empowering her to learn and being patient since English isn’t her first language. And it was through this network and group of supporters that she found the internship at Pathsensors. The Biotech AAS degree capstone course BIO 199, requires every student to do an internship and Line wanted a place that would teach her a variety of skills as a way to best prepare her for her future goals. She saw the work that Pathsensors does in Agriculture and was able to fit into this team as a part of the bigger picture that fit into her future goals in Agronomy.

Intern, Line Mpaga, in Pathsensors lab

Line is an international student from Gabon, and she has pursued her studies in the Biotech Associate degree program at BCCC to prepare her for Bachelors Degree in Agronomy. Her dream is to go back to Gabon and work as an agronomist after she gathers skills and experiences from her opportunities here in Baltimore. She shared that the team at Pathsensors was incredibly helpful in helping to practice many of the skill she learned in class from dilutions and cell counts to prepping biosensors and loading discs. And while some skills were unique to the experience at Pathsensors, many of these skills are one that Line will carry with her throughout her career.
And Line shared that this “opportunity at Pathsensors was a great first opportunity, to learn and to meet new people and give her skills important to my future”. We are grateful for Line’s hard work and eagerness to learn and are grateful for continued opportunities to work with BCCC and all of our team of interns!
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