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PathSensors introduces the BioFlash™ MailGuard System. This biological testing unit can test both packages and standard mail, using forced airflow within the downdraft booth. A hose feeds the air to the BioFlash™ device for testing. Through our partnerships with DualDraw we offer a complete solution for mail screening that allows you to simply place mail into the downdraft booth and get immediate results on the status of your mail thanks to our CANARY technology. We have developed this complete solution through our work with both government and commercial entities that have found mail screening to be cumbersome both in time and cost. With our  BioFlash™ MailGuard System mail screening comes in one complete package. And if you’re looking to simply upgrade your existing system, we can quickly upgrade your current mail-screening system to guarantee the safety of you and your entire team.

Comprehensive threat detection, low cost of ownership

PathSensors’ CANARY technology – originally developed by MIT – is a gamechanger for bio-threat detection. Unlike older technologies, CANARY detects pathogens faster and more economically.

• High sensitivity: 100 – 1000 CFU

• Fast: 5 minutes to result

• Flexible: detects +25 pathogens

• Low cost

The BioFlash™ MailGuard System consists of a testing unit, downflow booth, mail jogger, and compact medical refrigerator and requires standard 110v power to operate. The biological testing unit has the ability to connect to the Internet via an optional tethered laptop computer, which permits remote system diagnostics and secondary testing confirmation as needed.



PathSensors’ breakthrough CANARY technology accurately detects threats such as anthrax, ricin and Ebola – at a fraction of the cost of alternative technologies and offers a variety of benefits

• Integrates with x-ray, chemical and other threat detection technologies

• High sensitivity, and ultra-low false alarm rate

• Perfect for rapid testing of unknown substances or high volume threat monitoring

• Used by top government and commercial mail screening customers

“The CANARY© Zephyr achieved an estimated limit of detection of 10³ spores/mL, which was 4 orders of magnitude better than any other immunoassay tested by Pacific Northwest National Labs.”

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

PathSensors has multiple bio-threat detection systems for mail screening



Single Sample Suspicious Powder Testing


BioFlash™ MailGuard System


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Aerosole Pathogen Detection

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