Harness CANARY® technology for comprehensive plant pathogen testing

Plant Disease Diagnostics

Incorporating CANARY® technology, PathSensors provides assays for the rapid, sensitive and specific identification of plant pathogens (bacteria, viruses, oomycetes, fungi and toxins) from leaf, stem, water and soil samples. Our plant diagnostics are industry leaders for speed and sensitivity.

PathSensors has an ongoing partnership with the USDA to develop and deploy CANARY® technology to prevent harmful plant diseases from negatively impacting agriculture in the United States. As part of this effort, PathSensors has developed a high throughput instrument system to complement the rapid detection capabilities of the Zephyr.

PathSensors Plant Pathogen Assays

Pathogen detection in crops

Ralstonia solanacearum (USDA validated)



Citrus greening disease (HLB)


Technology You Can Count On

The Zephyr Pathogen Identifier uses CANARY® (Cellular Analysis and Notification of Antigen Risks and Yields) technology. This novel detection technology, developed at the MIT-Lincoln Laboratory, utilizes cells that have been modified to express antibodies on their cell surfaces against targets of choice, as well as to express the bioluminescent protein aequorin – which we sourced from jellyfish! Aequorin emits light when exposed to the increases in intracellular calcium levels that occur when the biosensor interacts with the pathogens. Basically, the biosensor cells light up like a glowstick if a threat is detected, which allows our machines to give you fast, accurate results at the speed of light. 

Due to the rapid kinetics and signal amplification of cell-based signaling, detection of pathogens with CANARY® offers sensitivities down to 50 cfu/pfu with a 5 minute time to result. What does this mean? Our technology is faster and more sensitive than the competition, period. Sophisticated algorithms are then used to accurately detect and identify pathogens based on the biosensor light emission, so that you can keep yourself, your employees, and your products safe. 

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Don’t see a CANARY® assay for your Plant Pathogen? We do Custom Biosensor Development.

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