Rapid, sensitive pathogen detection for all applications


PathSensors’ CANARY technology is extremely versatile. Whether it’s bioterrorism defense, plant health, food safety, emerging disease or something new, PathSensors will work with you to bring the power of CANARY to your application.


PathSensors offers the fastest, most reliable biothreat screening services of anyone in the industry. Trusted and used by numerous government defense agencies and mail screening facilities, PathSensors’ biodefense systems keep your employees safe and your operations running smoothly.


Through a close partnership with the USDA, PathSensors is bringing the speed and accuracy of CANARY to the agriculture sector. We work with growers, universities, testing labs, government and regulatory agencies to identify crop threats early, allowing you to take action well before symptoms appear and spread.

Food Safety

When it comes to food safety, rapid results are paramount. Using CANARY, food processors and testing companies can accurately screen for low levels of dangerous pathogens, without enrichment. Avoid costly recalls and keep your customers safe.

Other Needs?

Don’t see your application listed? PathSensors is currently working on many projects outside of these areas, and would love to hear about yours.

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At PathSensors we are committed to making the world a safer place. We are always excited to tackle new challenges, so please contact us to discuss collaborations or development projects.