String of anthrax scares brings back the concern for “mysterious white powder” in mail

Apr 23, 2018

Earlier this spring, Vannesa Trump was rushed to the hospital when a letter was sent to her that contained unidentified white powder. Immediately after opening the letter in her mother’s midtown Manhattan apartment, she called 911 and reported both coughing and nausea.

While this powder was found to be harmless, calling 911 was the best precautionary step. Anthrax and other biological pathogens can cause symptoms that aren’t always unique. A headache, nausea, and fever and chills can easily be mistaken for the common cold, but if left untreated, anthrax can cause severe illness and even death, according to the Center for Disease Control  (CDC).

Shortly after the Trump’s “white powder scare”, a letter addressed to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was received at Kensington Palace, containing a mysterious white powder. While the substance was tested and confirmed as nonsuspicious, the scare and wake of these attacks have sparked a new discussion on the safety of our mail.

This series of attacks comes nearly 17 years after the major string of anthrax attacks that followed the events of 9/11, raising the concern, once again, of the safety of our mail. While many public figures and politicians have mail-screening in place, these public figures did not, putting them at risk of exposure to direct biological attacks through their mail.

If you or your company do not have these screening practices in place, a biological attack is just as easy as getting your address. A simple turn-key solution can pass your mail through a downdraft booth test for biological pathogens and ensure your safety.

With these growing white powder threats, is it worth putting yourself at risk?

Read more on the importance of mail-screening and our easy to use BioFlash MailGuard System.



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