7 Tips to Stay Motivated

Apr 10, 2020

By Simone Stanley

Social distancing has proven to be a viable method of reducing the spread of COVID-19. Now that a large portion of the workforce is approaching the one-month mark of working from home, the novelty has probably worn off.

Here are some tips to keep you motivated:


Establish a commute

Since you are working from home, you lack the “warm-up” and “cool down” time that commuting to and from work offers.  Your body and mind need time to distinguish between work and home time.  Establish a commute by doing low impact cardio exercises in the morning to stimulate the body/mind and slow stretches to calm the body/mind in the evening.

Maintain a routine and regular work hours

Establishing clear working hours and a routine will ensure you have a more productive day.  Attempt to mimic the hours and lunch break you normally have at the workplace.


Spruce up your work area

Establish a place to work and add plants, pictures or anything that stimulates you.  Don’t forget to have everything you need on-hand, so you don’t get sidetracked looking for items.

Go to lunch

Do not eat where you work. Listen to music or a podcast, like CANARY Corner, to give your eyes a break from screen time. If you had a hectic morning listen to something soothing.  If you need to tackle projects in the afternoon, you may opt to listen to upbeat tempos.

Phone a friend

Establish time during your day to break and call someone. Make sure you establish a set time to begin and end the conversation, so you won’t end up breaking for too long.


Stay on Task

Make a daily and weekly work log routine and prioritize your tasks in writing. Share the list with your team to manage expectations.  Don’t be overzealous thinking you can accomplish more because you are working from home. Be practical.

Be Nice to yourself

You are working during a pandemic.  So, don’t be hard on yourself when you feel out of sorts.

This is a time of adjustment and we are all working to establish a “new normal”. You may feel discouraged or unmotivated now that your routine has been disrupted. Try to work through it and seek help if necessary. Remember we are all in this together.

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