Biodetection platforms for every application

PathSensors offers a suite of instruments capable of detecting bacteria, viruses, and toxins in virtually any sample matrix

PathSensors' systems utilize CANARY®, a cell-based biosensor technology that delivers extremely rapid detection of pathogens at previously unseen levels of sensitivity and specificity.

BioFlash aerosol pathogen detector


This system integrates biological aerosol sample collection and concentration functions with a novel detection modality for near real-time biological identification.

Portable Zephyr liquid and surface sample pathogen identifier


This modular system provides rapid, sensitive, and specific identification of biological threat agents from surface, liquid, and food samples.

High throughput pathogen identifier

High Throughput Zephyr

Offering automated analysis of up to 96 samples at once, this instrument will hit the market in 2016. Contact PathSensors to apply to become a beta tester.