How We Protect You

BioFlash aerosol pathogen detector

Building Protection

Integrated into a CBRNe suite or used as a standalone instrument, our BioFlash Pathogen Identifier is widely adaptable to building biosecurity applications.

Portable Zephyr liquid and surface sample pathogen identifier

Biothreat Response

Our Zephyr Pathogen Identifier is modular, mobile and delivers results in minutes. The system is ideal for responding to bioterror events in the field.

Plant pathogen detection assays

Plant Disease Diagnostics

In collaboration with the USDA, PathSensors has developed a number of assays for harmful plant diseases, in a single sample and high throughput format.

In The News

Breakthrough Anthrax, Ricin and Ebola Bio-Threat Detection Technology for Mail Room Screening Featured at MailCom 2016

August 23rd, 2016

Baltimore bio tech firm, PathSensors, Inc., announced that it will be leading a presentation on the CANARY® (Cellular Analysis and Notification of Antigen Risks and Yields) bio-threat detection technology at the MailCom 2016 Convention. Developed by scientists at MIT Lincoln Labs, CANARY can detect a wide range of threats such as anthrax and ricin faster, with greater sensitivity and more cost-effectively than alternative threat detection methods. Read More

Leading Scientific Experts in Food Safety, Plant Safety and Infectious Diseases Join Bio Tech Leader PathSensors’ Advisory Board – Top Scientists To Guide Company’s Development of Bio Sensor Solutions for Medical, Bio- Security, Plant Safety and Food Safety

September 27th, 2016

Bio tech firm, PathSensors, Inc., announced that four internationally respected scientists – Dr. Beth Carroll, Ph.D., Dr. Jacqueline Fletcher, Ph.D, Dr. Florian Krammer, Ph.D., and Dr. Maria Ma, Ph.D. – have joined the PathSensor’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The new members join current SAB members, Dr. Andrew Flannery, Ph.D., Donald Grim, Dr. Gregory Lamka, Ph.D. and Dr. Paul Silber, Ph.D. PathSensor’s Scientific Advisory Board helps guide the company’s strategic research and development efforts and links PathSensor’s work to the global scientific community and bio-tech industry. Read More